docker service create doesn't find image

When I run docker service create –mode global foo myrepo/foo-img:0.1, it works in that it starts the service, but if foo-img:0.1 does not exist on a node in the swarm, that node emits the following error:

<containerid>   \_ foo    myrepo/foo:0.1  <snip>  "No such image: myrepo/foo-img:0.1"

If I pull myrepo/foo-img:0.1 on each node then it works fine.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “docker service create doesn't find image”

    The answer is actually pretty simple. Use the--with-registry-auth parameter. This parameter uses the same authentication that is used for your current session. So, to make this work you simply:

    # docker login -u xxx -pass yyy
    # service create --with-registry-auth foo

    Assuming that you successfully logged in, the service will pull the image from the repo to each node as needed. Not sure exactly what happens behind the scenes, but it works for deploying to all nodes currently in the cluster! Thanks to the help from the folks at github/docker!

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