Docker – send http request from one container to another

I cannot send an HTTP request to backend container when I’m running app on AWS server production. However, when I’m running app locally I can make requests to backend just fine. For making requests I use fetch:


Here is how project structure looks like:

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  • .
    ├── docker-compose.yml
    ├── backend
    │   ├── Dockerfile
    │   └── server.js
    └── frontend
        ├── Dockerfile
        ├── package.json
        ├── public
        │   └── index.html
        └── src
           ├── components
           ├── data
           ├── index.js
           ├── routes.js
           ├── static
           ├── tests
           └── views


    version: '3'
          context: .
          dockerfile: frontend/Dockerfile
          - ./frontend:/frontend
          - "80:5000"
          - backend
          context: .
          dockerfile: backend/Dockerfile
          - ./backend:/backend
          - "8000:8000"

    Dockerfile in frontend:

    FROM node:latest
    RUN mkdir -p /frontend
    WORKDIR /frontend
    ADD . /frontend
    VOLUME ["/frontend"]
    EXPOSE 5000
    CMD yarn && yarn build && yarn global add serve && serve -s build

    Dockerfile in backend:

    FROM node:latest
    RUN mkdir -p /backend
    WORKDIR /backend
    ADD . /backend
    VOLUME ["/backend"]
    EXPOSE 8000
    CMD yarn && yarn start

    Can someone explain me what is wrong with my config? I’m very confused, because it works without any issues locally.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker – send http request from one container to another”

    TLDR: Need to change the frontend code to call the current host instead of ‘localhost’

    The problem is your app is saying ‘hey localhost’ instead of ‘hey VPS ip’, when visiting from YOUR browser. You need to edit your frontend code to visit the current host you’re visiting. That’s why you’re receiving a request on YOUR localhost server.

    Instead of fetch("http:///localhost:8000/something") change it to fetch("http://"":8000") (There are better ways, this gets it done).

    Also note docker containers are a little different in terms of networking as well. A docker container doesn’t really have a concept of ‘localhost’ the same way non docker container apps do. You have to use the VPS’s IP/Local IP when making the call from server to server. A trick I use is to use docker’s default docker0 bridge

    I tend to use networks over ‘links’ and actually cant comment fully on it, but when containers were on the same docker network, you could access the other container by using the container’s name. This only works for server side code however, ie: node.js server -> node.js server/mongo db. Example mongodb connection would be mongodb://mongo_server:27017/mydatabase and mongo_server would resolve to the container’s IP.

    Another thing you’ll possibly encounter when attempting to use the IP is your firewall, you would have to allow that particular ip/port in through your firewall as well.

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