docker running in vmware gets x509 error

I have installed docker into vmware player (windows host, ubuntu guest) and can run the simple hello world verification test but when I run any other docker images I get the following error:

  tls: failed to parse certificate from server: x509: 
  RSA modulus is not a positive number

My configuration is as follows:

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  • Windows 7 host
    Ubuntu 14.04 guest
    docker version 1.7.1, build 786b29d
    vmware player, version 7.1.2 build-2780323

    Any help is appreciated!

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  • One Solution collect form web for “docker running in vmware gets x509 error”

    For completeness, the following is how this problem was fixed:

    1. Update the guest OS

      sudo apt-get update

    2. Get new version of docker

      curl -sSL | sh

    3. Restart the guest OS

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