docker (running in virtual box) expose port on host machine

I’m running docker in virtual box (docker machine) on a MAC server. I have some running containers that expose certain ports to the host machine, so I can access them via URL of the virtual machine + exposed port. But I’m not able to reach the exposed services from outside the host system, as the docker containers are sandboxed in their own virtual network I guess.

Is it possible to also expose the port on the host machine so people from outside can reach the web services running in docker inside my virtual machine?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “docker (running in virtual box) expose port on host machine”

    There are 2 options:

    • Selecting Bridged Networking: in bridged mode, the virtual machine will appear as a separate device on your network and have its own IP address.
    • Port forwarding (NAT): This is only necessary when you don’t want to use the Bridge apdater

    I hope this guide can help you.

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