Docker: running application with a remote X-server

I currently run my application in a container together with Xvfb and X11VNC. This all works nicely and I can see the GUI via any VNC client.
However, I would like to run Xvfb and X11VNC in container A, and my application in container B.

Container A is started as e.g.
docker run -it –rm –name x11 -p 6000-6100:6000-6100 myimagewithXvfb

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  • In B I set to DISPLAY=A, to point to the X server (XVfb) in container A.

    In B I start e.g. xeyes, but I get the error:
    root@a1ec4b67e98f:/# xeyes
    Error: Can’t open display:
    root@a1ec4b67e98f:/# echo $DISPLAY

    Also using does not matter.

    Anyway, the question is how to get this to work, if possible at all ?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker: running application with a remote X-server”

    Without more information it’s hard to tell for sure, but my guess is that your problem is related to X authority. You can either allow clients to connect without access control by using the xhost command:

    A> xhost +
    B> export DISPLAY=
    B> xeyes

    A more secure way is on container A ssh to container B like this:

    A> ssh -Y B
    B> xeyes

    (Here you don’t need to manually set the DISPLAY env. variable as it’s set by SSH automatically.)

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