Docker run start services

I need nginx-openresty and redis in single docker container. I have written docker file its working fine. But thing i need to start my redis service after login into the docker bash to automate this I have written .sh file which contains instrutions like start and stop of redis server and nginx. ENTRYPOINT ["./"]

and .sh file is

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  • cd /etc/redis-installation/utils
    echo -n | ./
    service redis_6379 stop
    cd /
    cp ./dump.rdb /var/lib/redis/6379/
    service redis_6379 start

    My problem is that docker container start and exist when shell execution completed. How can stay the container keep running with nginx and redis in running state.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker run start services”

    Try using docker-compose with a link between your app container and your redis container. I suggest using the official redis container

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