docker run program arguments in aws ecs

I have a working container in Amazon’s ECS that runs a program as a task. I would like to pass some program arguments, as I would do when running locally with docker run. I have managed to do passing a new entrypoint in the container configuration in ECS, as if I were passing it in the docker run command line.

Unfortunately, when doing so, I am overriding the internal entrypoint that was already defined in the image. I would like to use the internal entrypoint, just adding some more command line arguments, like --debug options. Is there any way to do that?

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  • Thanks in advance.

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    It was easy: the command line arguments can be passed as Command in ECS configuration, instead of entrypoint.

    Use environment section in ecs task definition to inject your configs.

    "environment" : [
        { "name" : "string", "value" : "string" },
        { "name" : "string", "value" : "string" }

    Please refer to the following aws documentation

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