Docker run override entrypoint with shell script which accepts arguments

I have entrypoint shell script which accepts arguments -a -b.

I have working docker-compose.yml file where I override tomcat’s entrypoint with instruction:

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  • entrypoint: /usr/local/tomcat/ -a param1 -b param2

    What is docker run alternative?

    docker run --entrypoint "/usr/local/tomcat/ -a param1 -b param2" tomcat:jre8

    does not work

    I get:

    docker: Error response from daemon: 
    invalid header field value "oci runtime error: container_linux.go:247: 
    starting container process caused \"exec:
    \\\"/usr/local/tomcat/ -a param1 -b param2\\\": 
    stat /usr/local/tomcat/ -a param1 -b param2: 
    no such file or directory\"\n".


    docker run --entrypoint "/usr/local/tomcat/" tomcat:jre8

    works from Docker point of view, but obviously script fails

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    It is because of the quotes you’re using around your command.

    When you run docker run --entrypoint "/usr/local/tomcat/ -a param1 -b param2" tomcat:jre8 Docker treats whatever is within those quotes as a single script file.

    As you can see from the error:

    stat /usr/local/tomcat/ -a param1 -b param2: 
    no such file or directory\"\n".

    It’s trying to perform a stat on the file before running it, so it knows if it exists.

    Place the arguments to your entrypoint at the end of your docker command like so:

    docker run --entrypoint <> <image:tag> <arg1> <arg2> <arg3>

    Your command becomes:

    docker run --entrypoint /usr/local/tomcat/ tomcat:jre8 -a param1 -b param2 

    Have a look at the code snippets in the official documentation:

    The ENTRYPOINT of an image is similar to a COMMAND because it
    specifies what executable to run when the container starts

    I am not sure you can do that according to the official docker documentation:

    Note: you can override the ENTRYPOINT setting using –entrypoint, but
    this can only set the binary to exec (no sh -c will be used).

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