Docker run github branch/pull request

I forked whilp/ssh-agent and created a feature enhancement and submitted a pull request.

I want to reference/use my branch until it is accepted. On my CI agents, and I don’t want to go locally to each one to build a local image.

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  • branch: feature-known-hosts is what I’d like to use with the run command, is this possible? I can’t find references to using github (not to mention a branch) with run, only build.


    docker run -d --name=ssh-agent whilp/ssh-agent \ -b feature-known-hosts

    Any other advice on docker project patches/workflow/best practices? This is really easy with Bundler, looking for an analog here.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker run github branch/pull request”

    You can’t run a docker image directly from GitHub, because GitHub is made to store only the code itself.

    When you run the following command:

    docker run -d --name=ssh-agent whilp/ssh-agent

    Docker is looking for whilp/ssh-agent on Docker Hub, and not on GitHub.
    Docker Hub is the equivalent of GitHub for Docker images.

    To use your pull request the same way you are using whilp/ssh-agent, you need to create an account on Docker Hub, and create an automated build based on your ssh-agent fork (tutorial here).

    Finally, you will be able to use your version with:

    docker run -d --name=ssh-agent <username>/ssh-agent
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