docker run complains file not found

I am running following command for build docker image from /etc/docker and all files I want to copy inside the container are at this same location

docker build -t user/testapp .

Following is the content of my Dockerfile:-

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  • FROM openjdk:alpine
    COPY . /usr/src/testapp/
    WORKDIR /usr/src/testapp/
    CMD TestAppStart

    Image builds fine but when running it uwing following command it says:-
    /bin/sh: /usr/src/testmq/TestAppStart
    I also tried absolute path in CMD but same error.

    I have verified that the files are getting copied by changing CMD to /bin/sh the container starts and I get a shell inside it and I can navigate to that directory and see all the files and can even run the TestAppStart from there manually.

    Need help!

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  • One Solution collect form web for “docker run complains file not found”

    The /usr/src/testapp/ directory is not in the PATH environment variable, so /bin/sh complains.

    Change the last line to:

    CMD ./TestAppStart
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