docker registry with –insecure-registry and docker 1.5

I have an issue with docker 1.5.

So, I run a private registry at myregistry:5000.
I can push & pull from an other location (debian 7 & docker 1.4) with :

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  • DOCKER_OPTS="--insecure-registry myregistry:5000"

    in /etc/default/docker

    Now, I have a new system with docker 1.5 and debian 8, it’s not working anymore.
    I tried all possibilities like, --insecure-registry=myregistry:5000 or --insecure-registry http://myregistry:5000

    Any clue?

    (Note : It works well if I stop docker and launch docker -d --insecure-registry myregistry:5000 )

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    If it can help anyone,
    I think the problem not coming from Docker, (I tried to update my registry with no success) but from systemd start command.

    So, it’s not a clean solution, but it still cleaner than launching docker in a screen.

    I modify /lib/systemd/system/docker.service
    and change the ExecStart line :

    ExecStart=/usr/bin/docker --insecure-registry myregistry:5000 -d -H fd://

    Then, systemctl daemon-reload
    systemctl restart docker

    And that’s it. It works. I can pull & push to my distant private registry.

    I use Docker 1.5 on Ubuntu Utopic 14.10 with own Docker Registry server on 5000 port. Everything works well. There are some additional options in my /etc/default/docker file that probably will make no sense for your situation. Just see how the local registry is enabled:

    DOCKER_OPTS="--debug --log-level=\"debug\" --dns --insecure-registry"

    Reboot your computer after config changes.

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