docker python custom module not found

I am new to docker and trying to move one simple application to docker.
Python standard modules I am able to import using “pip install”. However, I have some custom python utility files that I would like to use.
These files are in separate package “utils”.

In my main python file :, I am doing

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  • from utils import,

    This outside of docker works fine, but when running through docker gives me the error "ImportError: No module named utils".

    My Dockerfile code:

    FROM python:2.7.11
    ADD ./ test_project/
    WORKDIR test_project
    ENV PATH=$PATH:/test_project/utils
    ENV PYTHONPATH /test_project/utils
    CMD [ "python", "report/"]

    My directory structure:

    • test_project
      • report
      • utils

    Any suggestions?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “docker python custom module not found”

    You set PYTHONPATH to /test_project/utils. When trying resolve the module utils, it is looking for one of:

    • file /test_project/utils/
    • directory /test_project/utils/utils/ that contains

    It looks like you have this?


    I wonder if what you really mean to do is

    # different path...
    ENV PYTHONPATH /test_project
    from utils import math
    from utils import logger
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