docker-py: attach to network before starting the container

Until recently, I could attach a container to a network before starting the container as follows:

params = {
    'image': 'busybox',
    'name': 'test',
result = docker_client.create_container(**params)
docker_client.connect_container_to_network(result['Id'], network_id)

However, now I always get an error, because the container has not been started when I’m connecting it to the network:

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    I can reproduce the same error with the command-line client:

    % docker create --name test busybox
    % docker network connect test 7aa04b908b2e
    Error response from daemon: Container 7aa04b908b2ec45a37f272809ec909116cfae5ae80a13c6596822ca4d9b39a0e is not running

    So I need to connect the container to the network directly when I create the container:

    % docker create --net=test busybox test

    In docker-py, how do I attach a container to a network directly during creation?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “docker-py: attach to network before starting the container”

    You can use the HostConfig to configure the network the container is attached to:

    network_mode is available since v1.11 and sets the Network mode for the container (‘bridge’: creates a new network stack for the container on the Docker bridge, ‘none’: no networking for this container, ‘container:[name|id]’: reuses another container network stack, ‘host’: use the host network stack inside the container or any name that identifies an existing Docker network).

    As an example, you would run:

    params = {
        'image': 'busybox',
        'name': 'test',
        'host_config': docker_client.create_host_config(network_mode='test')

    This connects the container to the network test.

    Try in this way:

    host_config = client.create_host_config(
    networking_config = client.create_networking_config({
        'my-net': client.create_endpoint_config(
    container = client.create_container(
        networking_config = networking_config
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