docker push to a private repository

I am trying to push an image to a private docker registry. The error that I receive is:

Error: Status 404 trying to push repository : “”

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  • I issued following commands to create and push image:

    docker tag <your-project-name>/<your-image-name> <docker-registry-machine>/<your-project-name>/<your-image-name>
    docker push <docker-registry-machine>/<your-project-name>/<your-image-name>

    The error received is not informative, looks something is not found. Are there any verbose or debug options for the docker push command or any other way to debug this?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “docker push to a private repository”

    Most possible cause for this is the error/typo in the docker-registry path.

    You can try adding –debug to see some more details about the error you are getting.

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