'docker push …' from Bitbucket Pipelines is very slow to my self-hosted docker registry

I am using Bitbucket Pipelines to build my docker image, and push to my self-hosted docker registry, which is located in China.

Is there any way I can speed up docker push from Bitbucket Pipelines. Otherwise, this features is almost useless.

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    it seems doubtful that much can be done to alleviate slow pushes given 1) bitbucket pipeline and 2) china registry constraints. you have at least three options if you could lift these constraints:

    1. throw out bitbucket pipelines in favor of self-hosted source control management (gitlab/bitbucket server) and a self-hosted CI system that does pipelines as code (there are many to choose from these days, including jenkins)
    2. throw out your self-hosted registry and use docker hub
    3. self-host your registry in the US (bitbucket cloud and pipelines is probably US East?)
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