Docker push fails with fatal error msg=“”

Using the sbt-docker plugin, I execute sbt dockerBuildAndPush and see the following output after assembly:

[info] Pushing docker image with name: 'myorg/myrepo'
[info] The push refers to a repository [myorg/myrepo] (len: 1)
[info] Sending image list
[info] Pushing repository myorg/myrepo (1 tags)
[info] 511136ea3c5a: Pushing
[info] 511136ea3c5a: Image already pushed, skipping
[info] 19df420c532f: Pushing
[info] 19df420c532f: Image already pushed, skipping
... 14 more of these message pairs ...
[info] 53531ebeee8d: Pushing
[info] 53531ebeee8d: Buffering to disk
[info] time="2015-04-08T20:50:50+10:00" level="fatal" msg=""
java.lang.RuntimeException: Nonzero exit code: 1
at scala.sys.process.BasicIO$Streamed$.scala$sys$process$BasicIO$Streamed$$next$1(BasicIO.scala:48)

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  • docker <<= (docker dependsOn assembly)
    dockerfile in docker := {
      val artifact = (assemblyOutputPath in assembly).value
      val artifactTargetPath = "/app/server.jar"
      new Dockerfile {
        maintainer("MyOrg", "")
        run("mkdir", "-p", "/app/data")
        run("chown", "daemon", "/app/data")
        add(artifact, artifactTargetPath)
        entryPoint("java", "-Xmx8g", "-jar", artifactTargetPath)
    imageNames in docker := Seq(

    Why is it failing?

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