Docker pull or Docker run doesn't actually do anything

I’m trying to run something called Traildash via it’s docker container on a VM via chef (once I get it running I’ll move it to an AWS instance). So I’ve installed docker onto the VM and so I tell chef to run

docker run -i -d -p 80:80 \

or even

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    on the VM and all it does is:

    Unable to find image 'appliedtrust/traildash' locally
    Pulling repository appliedtrust/traildash
    2015/03/16 12:40:38 Get x509: certificate is valid for, *
    m, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *.jl, *, *, *, *, *, *, *,, astrubba,,,,,,,,,,
    m,,,,,,, not

    and then nothing, the container won’t actually start nor do I see any files pulled unless docker pulls the files into a different directory?

    What do I do to get this running?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker pull or Docker run doesn't actually do anything”

    You doing everything right. But if you running it outside of EC2 (with IAM Role setted up), you have to explicitly pass AWS creds and optionally other parameters. For more information take a look at

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