docker ps -a not showing my container

I have a strange issue on one of my Ubuntu 14.04 servers, running docker 1.4.1 (yes I know it’s an old version…).

I’m 100% sure this server should have one container running, but the “docker ps -a” command shows nothing…

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  • If I check the bash history, I can find that the container ID was “577376a8f3af”

    The strange part is if I list the content of the /var/lib/docker/containers folder, I can see a folder nammed 577376a8f3af5812dda53ca90e642d50f1b230a8311443d9f681d9dd0241f9f1 which I’m pretty sure is my lost container…

    Is there anyway to restore it ?

    Thank you very much

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  • One Solution collect form web for “docker ps -a not showing my container”

    I finally figured it out. aufs was completely broken with my kernel version and Docker needed it. I think I’ve upgraded the kernel one day and something went wrong, but I only discovered it after a reboot…

    To fix this, I’ve installed a new docker server on Digitalocean. Luckily for me, if you install it using the “One-click App” image, it will install docker with aufs support enabled. Then I stopped docker service and deleted everything in /var/lib/docker on this new server.

    I’ve moved the content of /var/lib/docker from my broken server to the new one and restarted the docker service. It takes about 5 minutes to restart because docker was calculating checksums.

    Finally I was able to see my container with the “docker ps -a” command, I’ve committed the image and pushed it to the docker hub for a deployment on a new server.

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