Docker private repo with multiple images

Can we host multiple images on single private repo ?


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    1. ubuntu:12.04
    2. ubuntu:14.04

    So My private repo like MYREPO:ubuntu:12.04 and ubuntu:14.04

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker private repo with multiple images”


    # Create a container
    docker run --name image1 -it busybox echo Image1
    # Commit container to new image
    docker commit image1 amjibaly/stuff:image1
    # Push to dockerhub repo
    docker push amjibaly/stuff:image1
    # Create a second container
    docker run --name image2 -it busybox echo Image2
    # Commit container to new image
    docker commit image2 amjibaly/stuff:image2
    # Push to same dockerhub repo with different tag
    docker push amjibaly/stuff:image2
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