Docker / Postgres: Mounting an existing database within a dockerized Postgresql

So I’m having a problem mounting an existing set of data for Docker Postgres that I cannot figure out for the life of me. Here’s my docker compose file.

version: '2'
        image: postgres:9.5
          - PGDATA=/data 
      - '5432:5432'
      - ~/.postgresql:/data
    build: .
    command: sbt/sbt run
      - .:/app
      - '9001:9001'
      - postgresql

Here’s the error I see

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  • ostgresql_1 | FATAL:  data directory "/data" has wrong ownership
    postgresql_1 | HINT:  The server must be started by the user that owns the data directory.

    Does anyone have any clue how to fix it? Thank you

    PS I am using Docker Machine through OSX if that makes a difference in this problem.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker / Postgres: Mounting an existing database within a dockerized Postgresql”

    The error message is pretty clear. I think the container runs postgres with user postgres which has a uid/gid of 999 (see line 5). You need to chown your host data folder to a user with the same uid.

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