Docker ports work in localhost but not with public ip

I`m starting with docker i have the next docker-compose when i run docker-compose up all with success, when i do curl localhost works fine but when i try to access from the public ip dont works the connection timeout.

version: '3'
     - POSTGRES_USER=miuser
     - POSTGRES_DB=pdfdd
   image: postgres:9.6
   restart: always
   tty: true
   stdin_open: true
   build: .
   command: python ./code/ runserver
     - .:/code
     - "8000:8000"
     - db
    restart: always
    build: ./nginx/
      - "80:80"
      - /www/static
      - .:/code
      - web:web

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker ports work in localhost but not with public ip”

    Thanks @BMitch, i forgot to open 80 port in security group if someone have the same error please see Opening port 80 EC2 Amazon web services for instructions.

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