Docker port bindings

docker ps command gives me:


Does it mean that port 40000 is busy and nobody can use given port?
I guess that is the case.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker port bindings”

    Yes, that does mean that port 40000 on is being forwarded to a docker container. It does not necessarily mean that the container application is listening on port 8888 on all container interfaces ( which is needed to complete that connection.

    Three reasons that I can think of where lsof -i :40000 would give no output:

    1. You didn’t run the lsof command as root
    2. Something has killed the docker-proxy process used to relay this traffic
    3. You ran the lsof command on a different machine than your docker host. Docker is a client/server app, and by setting $DOCKER_HOST you can connect to a remote machine to see the status of a remote host.
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