docker php mongodb passing links to mongodb connection

I am trying to connect to mongodb from PHP 7.

I have nginx container, php-fpm container and mongodb container.

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  • I installed mongodb driver using pecl and it is showing up in phpinfo(), mongodb ver. 1.2.3. Additionally I installed mongodb/mongodb using composer.

    I linked my containers to mongodb (eg --link mongodb_container:mongodb)

    Now when i am trying to:

    $collection = (new Client('mongodb'))->streamflixmongodb->videos;

    I would get an error:

    Fatal error: Uncaught MongoDB\Driver\Exception\InvalidArgumentException: 
    Failed to parse MongoDB URI: 'mongodb' in /vendor/mongodb/mongodb/src/Client.php:81 Stack trace: 
    #0 /vendor/mongodb/mongodb/src/Client.php(81): MongoDB\Driver\Manager->__construct('mongodb', Array, Array) 
    #1 /var/www/html/test.php(24): MongoDB\Client->__construct('mongodb') 
    #2 {main} thrown in /vendor/mongodb/mongodb/src/Client.php on line 81

    Because connections should start with mongodb://

    Additionally if I try to:

    $collection = (new Client('mongodb://mongodb:27015'))->streamflixmongodb->videos;

    I will get the following error:

    Fatal error: Uncaught MongoDB\Driver\Exception\ConnectionTimeoutException: 
    No suitable servers found (`serverSelectionTryOnce` set): 
    [connection timeout calling ismaster on 'mongodb:27015'] in
    /vendor/mongodb/mongodb/src/Collection.php:513 Stack trace: #0 
    #1 /var/www/html/test.php(27): MongoDB\Collection->find('.mp4') 
    #2 {main} thrown in /vendor/mongodb/mongodb/src/Collection.php on line 513

    The errors are generated when I run:


    What is the right way to pass links to new mongodb in PHP? Previously I used older mongo with php5 and it was fine.

    my docker ps -a

    93ce6947f2d8        vignatjevs/nginx        "/bin/sh -c 'servi..."   2 days ago          Up 57 seconds    >80/tcp,>443/tcp         streamflix
    569307612b50        vignatjevs/php-fpm      "/app-entrypoint.s..."   2 days ago          Up 2 minutes               9000/tcp                                             streamflix-php-fpm
    03decea6dfa7        composer                "/docker-entrypoin..."   2 days ago          Exited (0) 2 minutes ago                                                        composer
    c01b48fcdda3        jenkins                 "/bin/tini -- /usr..."   3 days ago          Up 21 hours                50000/tcp,>8080/tcp                   clever_swartz
    d16ace0397be        tutum/mongodb           "mongod --smallfiles"    6 days ago          Up 21 hours      >27017/tcp,>28017/tcp   mongodb_streamflix
    72e7bca2e2b7        phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin   "/ phpmyadmin"     12 days ago         Up 21 hours      >80/tcp                                 streamflix_admin
    a0988be5018a        centurylink/mysql       "/usr/local/bin/run"     12 days ago         Up 21 hours      >3306/tcp,>3306/tcp       streamflix-mysql-server

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  • One Solution collect form web for “docker php mongodb passing links to mongodb connection”

    Found a solution. The problem was that i put SOME of my containers on the network, giving a parameter like --network app-tier

    docker run -d --name streamflix-php-fpm --network app-tier -v 
    /Volumes/Data/MSc\ Stuff/DEVOPS/streamflix-docker/php-fpm:/bitnami/php-fpm
    -v /Volumes/Data/MSc\ Stuff/DEVOPS/streamflix-docker/streamflix:/var/www/html
    --link streamflix-mysql-server:mysqldb 
    --link mongodb_streamflix:mongodb 
    --link videoserv:videoserver   vignatjevs/php-fpm

    I can’t believe i spent the most of the day because couldnt spot this 😀

    Obviously if I created network for some containers, I had to put them all on it, or remove --network paramater completely from anywhere to make it consistent.

    Hope this helps somebody who gets stuck with the same problem.

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