Docker on Windows randomly crashes with 0xc0370106 when DockerFile has too many commands

We have a dockerfile on microsoft/iis:10.0.14393.206 that runs IIS/PHP.

If we add too many commands the build starts to crash with this error:

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  • Container d6f3e9bd6f3e9bd6f3e9bd6f3e9b encountered an error during Start: failure in a Windows system call: The compute system exited unexpectedly. (0xc0370106)

    If I run the same build command it will work after a few tries.

    I am running docker version: 17.06.0-rc4-ce-win15 (12573)
    System: Windows 10 build 15063.413, 16GB RAM, i5-6440HQ CPU 2.60GHz

    Is there a way to build a large dockerfile without it crashing? Is this some type limitation with Docker for windows?

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