Docker on bare metal?

On the Docker website I see mention of Docker on bare metal. Does this mean that you can run Docker on hardware with no underlying OS?

If so, how would one install/implement it?

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    It’s a bit deceptive but I’m pretty sure they mean that they ship a Ubuntu distro you can install on an unformated (no-OS) computer. Having said that the instructions I found assume you will find and install the OS yourself:

    It could also simply mean that you don’t need VirtualBox installed (bare metal normally refers to the difference between running as a guest OS on a VM and running on a physical box).

    Yes, the bare metal in the docs refers to a server that is not in a hypervisor or “cloud server”. But running on bare metal.

    However if you are interested there has been this experiment as running docker as PID 1

    Docker, at the time of writing, requires a Linux distribution to run on. From the docs:

    To run properly, docker needs the following software to be installed at runtime:

    • iptables version 1.4 or later
    • Git version 1.7 or later
    • procps (or similar provider of a “ps” executable)
    • XZ Utils 4.9 or later
    • a properly mounted cgroupfs hierarchy (having a single, all-encompassing “cgroup” mount point is not sufficient)


    In general, a 3.8 Linux kernel is the minimum requirement for Docker

    I do believe that bare metal would most likely represent physical servers that you might have.

    Docker will be the best open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship, and run distributed applications.