Docker multiline CMD or ENTRYPOINT

I have a really long command line for the default process due to a number of arguments. I think the easiest would be to create a script (for and then call this script in your ENTRYPOINT or CMD. I’m wondering if there is a way to make your ENTRYPOINT or CMD multiline (the way we write RUN). For eg.

           "arg2" ]

I was thinking this is a valid syntax since the format is json. However, docker build throws the error

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    Unknown instruction: ENTRYPOINT[

    Is there a way I can split the ENTRYPOINT to multiple lines?

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    It was a typo in the dockerfile. I missed a space between ENTRYPOINT and [. Dockerfile supports multiline ENTRYPOINT and CMD by terminating the line with \, same as RUN. So, in my case it can be

    ENTRYPOINT [ "/path/myprocess", \
                 "arg1",            \
                 "arg2"             \
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