Docker Mount an entire mounted host partition as a data volume

My system has two partitions:

5G main partition where Ubuntu is installed
100G side partition at /mnt/data that I’d like to use for Docker container as storage

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  • for testing i was create also directory /tmp/mnt
    Also I put test file in both

    touch /tmp/mnt/file
    touch /mnt/data/file

    then I start docker images

    sudo docker run -it --rm -v /tmp/mnt:/var/data imagename bash
    sudo docker run -it --rm -v /mnt/data:/var/data imagename bash

    in image with /tmp/mnt I see /var/data/file, but in image with /mnt/data not

    both images show same outout for df -h /var/data

    Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/xvda1      7.8G  5.1G  2.7G  66% /var/data

    Does it possible to mount separate partition into docker?

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