Docker Minecraft Host

I am trying to host Minecraft servers in docker containers on an ec2 instance, and point a different subdomain to each container, for example -> container 1

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  • -> container 2 -> container 3

    …and so on.

    If these containers were running a website, I could forward the traffic with Apache, or node-http-proxy, etc. But because these servers are running TCP services, I cannot route the traffic this way.

    Is this possible? And if so, how?

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    The Minecraft client has supported SRV DNS records for a while now (since 1.3.1 according to google). I suggest you assign your Docker containers a stable set of port mapping with the -p flag, and then create SRV records for each FQDN pointing to the same IP but different ports.

    Google gives several hits on the SRV entry format – this one is from the main MCF site:

    I have four MC servers running on the same physical host with a single IP address, each with a separate friendly entry for players to use in the Minecraft client, so none of my users need to remember a port. It did cause confusion for a couple of my more technical players when they had a connectivity issue, tested with dig/ping, then thought the DNS resolution was broken when there was no A record to be found. Overall, I think that’s a very small downside.

    Doesn’t HAProxy route tcp traffic?

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