docker-machine on mac does not work with docker-engine protected by self-create CA

I installed docker-machine on a mac and have a linux box(jumper) installed with docker engine. The linux docker-engine is protected by a self-created CA, which had been added to mac’s keychain store and set as “trusted”.

“curl https://jumper:2376/v1.15/version” runs without problem:

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  • Although “docker-machine create –engine-insecure-registry “jumper” –driver none –url=tcp://jumper:2376 jumper” seems successful, but “docker-machine ls” always show the following error:

    Unable to query docker version: Get https://jumper:2376/v1.15/version: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

    Docker for Mac, version 1.13.0, build 49bf474
    docker-machine version 0.9.0, build 15fd4c7
    linux docker-engine: Version: 1.13.0

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