docker-machine connect to existing machine

I have a docker swarm all hosted on AWS, created basically along the lines of this tutorial.

To deploy our code, I need to be able to access this swarm separate of the computer where I created these instances. I don’t see anywhere in the docs for the docker-machine amazonec2 driver where I can use my AWS credentials to connect to these existing instances.

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  • Some tutorials I came across use a --url argument to specify via the docker-machine url to connect to an existing instance, but I don’t see that argument in my most recent docker-machine version.

    Other tutorials mention TLS configuration and using that in conjunction with docker-machine to connect to existing instances, but given unique/secret AWS credentials, this seems redundant and adds a layer of complexity I hope I can avoid.

    What is the recommended approach to this?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “docker-machine connect to existing machine”

    To get access to an existing instance, you can use the docker-machine create --driver generic command. The command will ssh onto the machine, make sure docker is installed, and then download certificates that it stores for future access e.g. using docker-compose.


    docker-machine create \
        --driver generic 
        --generic-ssh-key ~/.ssh/id_rsa \


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