Docker Mac Beta using insecure Private Registry

I am using Docker version 1.11.1, build 5604cbe on Mac OS X

On my Mac machine I am trying to do docker push to private docker registry running on remote VM. I am unable to get SSL to work and want to use insecure registry following instructions on How Can I specify DOCKER_OPTS on my Mac so I can push the image to private registry?

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    In case other people are having the same Get x509: certificate signed by unknown authority problem, I’ve posted a simple solution on my blog: it all boils down, as @manojlds has pointed out, to whitelisting the server in the Advanced preferences.

    I got the response on docker forums –

    pinata set daemon '{"storage-driver":"aufs","debug":true,"insecure-registries":[""]}'

    Pinata has been removed from more recent versions. You can setup insecure registries from Preferences -> Advanced.

    Currently there is no official CLI based way to do the update.

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