Docker logs not showing colors (express + nodejs image)

A petty, yet interesting question (for me):

I’m trying to create docker image from a small server( nodejs + express) I wrote. My server code is:

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  • var express = require('express');
    var Inflector = require('inflected');
    var colors = require('colors');
    var app = express();
    app.get('/hello/:name', function(req, res, next){
        var name = Inflector.titleize(;
        console.log("Saying hello to " + name.yellow);
        res.send('Hello ' + name);
    var port = 9090;
    app.listen(port, function(){
        console.log(('App is running on port ' + port).inverse);

    I’m creating my image with this Dockerfile:

    FROM centos:centos6
    RUN     rpm -Uvh
    RUN     yum install -y npm
    COPY . /src
    RUN cd /src; npm install
    EXPOSE 9090
    CMD ["node", "/src/index.js"]

    Building and running the image with the common commands:

    docker build -t username:centos-nodejs
    docker run -p 9090:9090 username:centos-nodejs

    I was expecting the logs to show up with colors in the command line as they do without docker (e.g. node index.js).

    What is the cause and can I fix this?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Docker logs not showing colors (express + nodejs image)”

    You need to run your container with “-it” options:

    docker run -it -p 9090:9090 username:centos-nodejs

    Not quite the answer to this specific problem, but if you’re using the debug library and have the same issue there is a non-documented environment variable that enables the colors even when in a non TTY:

    So adding DEBUG_COLORS=true to your environment variables fixes it for the debug library colors.

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