Docker jenkins container, host key verification failed

I’m creating a CI pipeline and development environment with Vagrant, Ansible and Docker. My goal is to have everything automated with a single command, no manual configuration involved. With single ansible-playbook command I should have fully functional continuous deployment pipeline, all the services dockerized.

Now here’s the problem. When I run the official Jenkins docker container and try to configure authentication for git, I get the following error

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    I understand I could login into Jenkins container, ssh to git manually and accept the host key as trusted, when login for the first time. But this is absolute no-no, the connectivity should be handled automatically too.

    How do I configure Jenkins docker container to trust the git server at creation, when the available tools are docker, ansible and vagrant?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker jenkins container, host key verification failed”

    You can use Ansible’s known_hosts module for solving this problem.

    This module adds the host key into the server’s ~/.ssh/known_hosts file, similar to what you describe as a manual step.

    Please note the limitations of the module as well:

    If you have a very large number of host keys to manage, you will find the template module more useful.

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