docker install nsenter , command not found

while i use jpetazzo/nsenter to install nsenter to "/usr/local/bin"

but i can not find nsenter in “/usr/local/bin”,and "bash: nsenter: command not found"

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  • bash-3.2$ docker images
    REPOSITORY                         TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             VIRTUAL SIZE
    ubuntu                             mengka              8eaa4ff06b53        2 weeks ago         188.3 MB
    fedora                             latest              834629358fe2        2 weeks ago         241.3 MB
    jpetazzo/nsenter                   latest              6ed3da1d7fa6        7 weeks ago         367.7 MB
    bash-3.2$ docker run -v /usr/local/bin:/target jpetazzo/nsenter
    Installing nsenter to /target
    Installing docker-enter to /target
    bash-3.2$ docker ps -a
    CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                                     COMMAND                CREATED             STATUS                      PORTS               NAMES
    c0c5ce8f8059        jpetazzo/nsenter:latest                   "/bin/sh -c /install   8 seconds ago       Exited (0) 7 seconds ago                        adoring_colden      
    171c2439b5c7        jpetazzo/nsenter:latest                   "/bin/sh -c /install   4 minutes ago       Exited (0) 4 minutes ago                        insane_pasteur      
    07d6e341af00        jpetazzo/nsenter:latest                   "/bin/sh -c /install   11 minutes ago      Exited (0) 9 minutes ago                        stupefied_carson    
    18cab084f4f6        mengka-image-time01:latest                "/bin/sh"    19 hours ago        Exited (0) 4 hours ago                          fervent_morse
    bash-3.2$ nsenter
    bash: nsenter: command not found

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “docker install nsenter , command not found”

    I know it doesn’t answer the question, but are you aware that Docker 1.3 introduced a new “exec” command?

    you should use
    docker run –name nsenter -it ubuntu:14.04
    to enter a os like ubuntu ,or center os ,and you can

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