Docker inspect: Select field that has forward slash using jq

# docker inspect blah | jq '.[] | .NetworkSettings.Ports'
    "22/tcp": [
       "HostIp": "",
       "HostPort": "32776"

How the heck do I get the HostPort value? I tried the following but that failed.

# docker inspect blah | jq '.[] | .NetworkSettings.Ports.22\/tcp.HostPort'

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    why not :

    docker inspect  --format '{{ (index (index .NetworkSettings.Ports "22/tcp") 0).HostPort }}' blah

    this will eliminate the needs of another tool.

    jq supports double quotes for keys with special characters:

    jq '."22/tcp".HostPort'

    edit: this is mentioned in the docs, which also mention that you can add brackets to help with readability, if you want:

    jq '.["22/tcp"].HostPort'
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