Docker inspect format retrieve port mapping

I’d like to retrieve the port mapped to a container using docker inspect, I found something like that:

docker inspect --format=" {{ .NetworkSettings.Ports }} " containerid


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  • map[1234/tcp:[map[HostIp: HostPort:49159]] 3306/tcp:<nil> 4444/tcp:<nil> 4567/tcp:<nil> 4568/tcp:<nil>]

    But I’d like to have an output like this:


    Is it possible ?

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    See also my answer How to get ENV variable when doing Docker Inspect I guess you can adapt and get directly what you want

    The docker port command may be more useful; it produces output like this:

    $ docker port 0a7b4df54966
    443/tcp ->
    80/tcp ->

    You can use index in your template:

    --format '1234/tcp:{{ (index (index .NetworkSettings.Ports "1234/tcp") 0).HostPort }}'
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