docker hub api not returning images

I am trying to make a rest call to retrieve images on my private repository on Docker Hub. I created this repository within the last month and I have successfully pushed images to it. They all show up under the “Tags” tabs.

I am trying to use Postman/CURL to make these calls. This is what I do in Postman – I create a new request, setup basic authentication, setup headers for “Accept”, “Content-Type” and “X-Docker-Token”. This is the URL for the request:${namespace}/${reponame}/images

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  • The response body only contains “[]”.
    The response header contains the following information:

    Content-Type →application/json
    Date →Wed, 05 Oct 2016 23:35:23 GMT
    Server →nginx/1.6.2
    Strict-Transport-Security →max-age=31536000
    Transfer-Encoding →chunked
    Vary →Cookie
    X-Docker-Endpoints →
    X-Docker-Token →signature=${signature},repository="${namespace}/${reponame}",access=read
    X-Frame-Options →SAMEORIGIN

    The response status is 200 OK.
    I expected the response body to contain information of the images. I have also tried this using CURL and I get the same response. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong would be appreciated.

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