Docker : How to run grunt-open?

I have been using a grunt-open package for open my browser when i build my project. Recently I begin to use docker and this works perfectly, But the grunt-open task don’t works anymore.

Exist some way to create a bridge between my docker and my local machine for opens my browser using grunt-open?

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    There is no way to open an external browser if you are running or building your project inside a docker container. The idea of using docker is to have all the tools you need inside the container.

    You can use an gui less browser like PhantomJS and run grunt-open task inside the docker container.

    There is no “automatic” way – you would need to have some kind of listener on your local machine. So you can’t really use grunt-open from the container but there are any number of ways you could have the grunt task in the container send a call to your local machine which could use grunt-open (or npm-open which it’s a wrapper for, or opn which npm-open is a wrapper for) — or a simple shell script.

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