docker: how to restart containers from files from /var/lib/docker/containers

I have updated my distro from 13.04 to 13.10 and had a bunch of running containers. the container files are still in /var/lib/docker/container however I can not start these:

$ sudo docker start 7ef2b26aa60d70d9167571dcc55502eee0c9f80ad7601bacc8a047ca1b28be65
Error: No such container: 7ef2b26aa60d70d9167571dcc55502eee0c9f80ad7601bacc8a047ca1b28be65
2014/03/25 05:18:14 Error: failed to start one or more containers

$ sudo tail /var/log/upstart/docker.log
2014/03/25 05:11:19 POST /v1.10/images/create?fromImage=7ef2b26aa60d70d9167571dcc55502eee0c9f80ad7601bacc8a047ca1b28be65&tag=
[/var/lib/docker|5227412d] +job pull(7ef2b26aa60d70d9167571dcc55502eee0c9f80ad7601bacc8a047ca1b28be65, )
HTTP code: 404
[/var/lib/docker|5227412d] -job pull(7ef2b26aa60d70d9167571dcc55502eee0c9f80ad7601bacc8a047ca1b28be65, ) = ERR (1)
2014/03/25 05:18:14 POST /v1.10/containers/7ef2b26aa60d70d9167571dcc55502eee0c9f80ad7601bacc8a047ca1b28be65/start
[/var/lib/docker|5227412d] +job start(7ef2b26aa60d70d9167571dcc55502eee0c9f80ad7601bacc8a047ca1b28be65)
No such container: 7ef2b26aa60d70d9167571dcc55502eee0c9f80ad7601bacc8a047ca1b28be65
[/var/lib/docker|5227412d] -job start(7ef2b26aa60d70d9167571dcc55502eee0c9f80ad7601bacc8a047ca1b28be65) = ERR (1)
[error] server.go:950 Error: No such container: 7ef2b26aa60d70d9167571dcc55502eee0c9f80ad7601bacc8a047ca1b28be65
[error] server.go:85 HTTP Error: statusCode=404 No such container: 7ef2b26aa60d70d9167571dcc55502eee0c9f80ad7601bacc8a047ca1b28be65

debug log from docker startup

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  • [debug] runtime.go:300 Cannot load container 7ef2b26aa60d70d9167571dcc55502eee0c9f80ad7601bacc8a047ca1b28be65 because it was created with another graph driver.

    inspecting driver which this container was created with:

    $ cd /var/lib/docker/containers/7ef2b26aa60d70d9167571dcc55502eee0c9f80ad7601bacc8a047ca1b28be65
    $ cat ./config.json | grep -o Driver.*\",

    is there any way to recover these?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “docker: how to restart containers from files from /var/lib/docker/containers”

    Turns out after updating aufs was uninstalled. reinstalling like so:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install linux-image-extra-`uname -r`

    fixes issue!

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