Docker: How to deploy a vsftpd instance?


I’m starting to try web deployment on Docker.

So now I have now:

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    1. mariadb instance to hold all the data, the data directory is set as volume;
    2. php:fpm instance for individual websites, which volumes are set to the sub-directories of /var/docker/www;
    3. nginx front-end as a individual container, volume is set to /var/docker/www, configuration volume is set as -v /var/docker/nginx/conf.d /etc/nginx/conf.d;

    So, there is one thing left, I want to give a ftp account to relating customers to access the sub-directories of /var/www.

    For example: /var/docker/www/site1, or /var/docker/www/site2


    So, now I want to make a vsftpd image myself, but I was facing to the below questions:

    1. How should I set the user permissions? I will have different ftp users, but the www file owners are all set to root.
    2. (Newbie question) Should I start the vsftpd inside as daemon? Setting listen=NO?
    3. How to set the network? Will that be a NAT problem?

    Finally, is there a good overall solution on this problem? To deploy a vsftpd instance on docker host?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker: How to deploy a vsftpd instance?”

    I will have different ftp users, but the www file owners are all set to root.

    It would be best if those www files could be set to www-data, as this docker-vsftpd/Dockerfile does.
    You also have fauria/docker-vsftpd which allows to parameterize the ftp user, but that will be useful only if www files are part of a common group with said ftp users.

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