docker fails to mount from CIFS mounted host directory

My setup is as follows: on the host machine I have cifs share mounted and working fine -> I can read/write etc at mnt/mydir. I am trying to mount this directory when running my docker container using -v /mnt/mydir:/mnt/mydir.

The mounting itself seems to go just fine and even when I use docker inspect the mounted directory is listed as expected. However when I go to /mnt/mydir inside my container, the directory is empty. I am also mounting a couple other directories in my container but these are local on the host machine and everything there works fine – I can see the files inside the container, read, write etc. Obviously the problem is with the cifs share.

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  • What is interesting is that this mounting used to work fine, but after the servers got restarted (the docker host & the server where the shared dir resides) the mounting is no longer working. Another interesting thing is that the inode of /mnt/mydir on the host is different from the inode of /mnt/mydir inside the container… I tried starting/stopping the container, deleting it and making a new one, deleting the image loading it to docker again and creating a new container, deleting dangling images, but no luck…

    Any ideas what might be wrong would be very appreciated !
    P.S the host system is CentOS 6.6 and docker 1.11

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