Docker didn't forward the port from web service

I’m using ASP Core image to create a new container.

I’ve developed simple service which uses port 5000.

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  • Now I created Dockerfile and built container which exposes

    EXPOSE 5000

    Running this container with a command

    docker run -it -p 8080:5000 <name>

    or even

    docker run -it -p <name>

    doesn’t lead to navigation to the So my browser says this site can't be reached.

    p.s. I’ve checked the service without docker – it works correctly


    docker ps

    shows my launched container with ports mapping information:>5000/tcp


    this is netstat output from the host

    tcp        0      0 localhost:5000          *:*                     LISTEN

    lynx shows 200 OK

    netstat -a on a client box doesn’t show 8081 port or 5000


    I’ve just created a new container for NodeJs using public image.

    Created a simple server with exposed port. After running it works as expected.

    Actually it looks like the problem with exact Asp image

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker didn't forward the port from web service”

    Which OS are you using? If you’re running on OSX or Windows you will need to use the IP of your boot2docker virtual machine, not

    docker-machine ip will show you the IP of your current host.

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