Docker default CPU architecture doesn't match host's

When I create a Docker image using the following Dockerfile, I get a Docker image that, upon Docker inspect, yields "Architecture": "amd64". The host is a macbook pro with an i7 processor running OS X (El Capitan) 10.11.2: xnu-3248.20.55~2/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64. My Docker version is 17.03.1-ce-mac5 (16048)

I don’t understand why the Docker image architecture is different than the host. Is there a way for me to specify the architecture in the Dockerfile?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker default CPU architecture doesn't match host's”

    amd64 (or x86_64) refers to the 64-bit edition for Intel and AMD processors.

    After launching the architecture under the “x86-64” name, AMD renamed it AMD64… x86-64 is still used by many in the industry as a vendor-neutral term, while others, notably Sun Microsystems (now Oracle Corporation) and Microsoft, use x64.

    Chek this link for more information:

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