Docker Deamon on Debian 7 inappropriate ioctl for device

I just installed docker on my debian 7 system according to this guide. Trying to start the docker deamon via docker -d i receive the following output:

INFO[0000] +job serveapi(unix:///var/run/docker.sock)   
INFO[0000] WARNING: You are running linux kernel version 3.2.41-042stab094.7, which might be unstable running docker. Please upgrade your kernel to 3.8.0. 
INFO[0000] Listening for HTTP on unix (/var/run/docker.sock) 
INFO[0000] +job init_networkdriver()                    
inappropriate ioctl for device
INFO[0000] -job init_networkdriver() = ERR (1)          
FATA[0000] inappropriate ioctl for device

What is going on there and how can I fix it? I don’t even have an idea what to look for.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker Deamon on Debian 7 inappropriate ioctl for device”

    Your Kernel version is 3.2 but Docker needs 3.8+. So you need to upgrade your kernel version like it’s pointed out in the guide you linked. After the kernel upgrade you need to reboot your system and boot with the new kernel version. Now everything should work.

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