Docker cp error: Path not specified

I want to copy a file from my Ubuntu host to Docker container.

I use Docker 1.6.2 from 14.04 LTS repository.

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  • When I try to copy I get error:

    sudo docker cp 1.JPG evil_sammet:/root/openface/training-images/misha/1.jpg
    FATA[0000] Error: Path not specified

    With equal success, I can type gibberish instead of file name and path:

    sudo docker cp sdfsdfasd dfsdffd 
    FATA[0000] Error: Path not specified 

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker cp error: Path not specified”

    Version 1.6.2 doesn’t allow copying from host to container, you need to upgrade to at least 1.8 for that support.

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