Docker – Could not load X509 key pair

I am on a fresh install of Docker on OSX El Capitain 10.11.4. I am getting this error when I try any commands with docker.

Could not load X509 key pair: crypto/tls: private key does not match public key. Make sure the key is not encrypted

I can run docker-machine just fine, but not start any docker containers.

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  • Docker version (the only docker command that is working so far)

    Brunos-iMac:~ brunoban$ docker -v
    Docker version 1.10.3, build 20f81dd

    Docker machine version

    Brunos-iMac:~ brunoban$ docker-machine -v
    docker-machine version 0.6.0, build e27fb87

    Docker machine ls

    Brunos-iMac:~ brunoban$ docker-machine ls
    NAME      ACTIVE   DRIVER       STATE     URL                              SWARM   DOCKER    ERRORS
    default   *        virtualbox   Running   tcp://           v1.10.3

    Docker machine env

    export DOCKER_TLS_VERIFY="1"
    export DOCKER_HOST="tcp://"
    export   DOCKER_CERT_PATH="/Users/brunoban/.docker/machine/machines/default"
    export DOCKER_MACHINE_NAME="default"
    # Run this command to configure your shell:
    # eval $(docker-machine env)

    I tried regenerating the certs with docker-machine regenerate-certs (even with the –force flag), but nothing seems to be working. Can anyone shed a light?


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