docker COPY with file globbing

Inside the dockerfile, I want to specify a copy operation for files which are defined by globbing and I want it to be copied with the path as well. So, something like this:

COPY ./src/**/project.json /app/**/

Considering I have the following structure:

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  • ./src/bar/project.json

    The destination should look like this:


    but apparently, this doesn’t work and I really don’t want to specify all of the COPY operations separately if I have a chance. Any idea how to do this?

    Note that I cannot basically ignore other files through .dockerignore as suggested as I am going to copy the other files from the same folder after ruining a package install operation. So, the dockerfile is similar to this:

    FROM microsoft/aspnet:1.0.0-rc1-update1
    COPY ./src/**/project.json /app/**/
    WORKDIR /app/ModernShopping.Auth
    RUN ["dnu", "restore"]
    ADD ./src /app
    EXPOSE 44300
    ENTRYPOINT ["dnx", "web"]

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    For any non-standard build operation, I prefer wrapping the docker build command in a script (named ‘build‘).
    Here I would

    • create a subfolder tmp (just beside the Dockerfile, in order to keep it in the docker build context)
    • make the shell cp with globing: cp ./src/**/project.json tmp
    • call docker build, with a Dockerfile including COPY tmp/ /app/
    • deleting tmp.

    That way, I pre-configure what I need from host, before building the image from the host context.



    COPY src/ /app/


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