Docker Continuous Integration using TeamCity

Is there a way that I could do CI using TeamCity and Docker? What I have so far is a Dockerfile that would install TeamCity and configure build agent on a base ubuntu image.

What I want is to have TeamCity call a DockerFile on every commit to SVN or GIT. This DockerFile would actually fetch the latest sources from SVN or GIT and run my integration Tests.

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  • Additionally, how could I manage integration tests against trunk and branch? For example, I have a branch 1.0 and trunk. When I release a branch, I want to run the branch against all the integration tests. Now the integration tests might contain additional tests that actually require a trunk version. How do I handle this? Is there a way using Docker to acheive this?

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    You didn’t mention what build tool you’re using, but there are plugins for Gradle and maven that let you build images, start containers, and so on. They’ll at least give you the tools to build what you want.

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