Docker Containers with different Network Interface

I want to have multiple VPN Servers running in Docker containers each with there own public IP.

With the -p parameter I am able to connect to each one separately but the Public ip that I see is the eth0 interface not the one that I want it to be (eth0:1) so how can I create a new docker0 interface that uses eth0:1 as interface for the traffic?

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    Docker doesn’t uses network outside of it .
    For the connection between the host to container from outside the world use port bindings.
    Expose the port in Dockerfile when creating docker image
    Expose Docker Container to Host :
    Exposing container is very important for the host to identify in which port container runs.
    -p in docker run command used to expose the ports.
    Syntax : docker run -p host_ip:host_port:container_port image_name
    e.g., docker run -itd -p image_name
    This binds port 1500 of the container to port 1234 on of the host machine.
    Use Iptables to view the network process – iptables -L -n -t nat

      Now the request send to host_ip ( and port (1243) is redirect to container with ip ( and port (1500).
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