Docker Container's PublicPort via Remote API

How can I get the publicport from a running container by using the remote api? The information does not seem to be available in list or inspect containers. On creation of the container I allowing Docker to set the publicport randomly due to the large number of containers being spun up.

Thanks much for the thoughts.

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    It’s listed under NetworkSettings in the inspect:

    curl http://localhost:2375/containers/650eeb3c5d63/json
    bash$ docker port 650eeb3c5d63
    443/tcp ->
    80/tcp ->

    if i’m not mistaken its under

     "HostConfig": {
                "PortBindings": {
                    "3306/tcp": [
                            "HostIp": "",
                            "HostPort": "3309"
                "RestartPolicy": {
                    "Name": "no",
                    "MaximumRetryCount": 0
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